Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stencil Portrait - Megan

Okay, I got a little ahead of myself with the drypoints because there were actually a couple sets of stencil monoprints that I produced before picking up the needle.

Using a photograph I had taken of my friend Megan, I created a stencil that I could use to print both the positive and negative space.

I experimented with several configurations. The print above is an inked stencil printed over a ghost with some added texture near the edges. Below is using only one half of the stencil, allowing the roller marks to show.

Using some of the ghosts that I had created, which lacked contrast, I began printing over the background with a fresh roll up (below):

I think of the print below as the most successful, mostly by accident. The skin area is a single ghost from a red roll-up and the black is a fresh roll-up onto the stencil. The background is a ghost of the background added to the print above, printed on top of the original ghost (that created the skin color). So, basically this is where trial and error got me:

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