Saturday, May 14, 2011

In the studio: Alpha Son color plate

After proofing the key black plate for "Alpha Son", I transferred the image to another plat and cut away the second colored plate. I remembered to bring my camera into the studio today to capture the work in process in a studio environment.

Both plate on an inking surface, with colors rolled out

I had visions of using the bold colors of some of the original cars I drew from in my second colored plate. Given the  bold outlines for each car, I had the option of inking individual cars with unique colors, almost like an a la poupee inking in etching.

After printing the colored plat with selective areas printed; inked black plate in place, ready to print

As I proofed in red with transparent blue and orange with transparent green. there were parts that I liked, but wasn't satisfied by the composition as a whole.

After printing the black plate over the multi-colored printed colored plate

Finally, I tried proofing with an opaque cream on the second plate. 

After printing the colored plate inked in opaque cream

I liked bringing the unity of a single color across all the subjects, but keeping the color impact subtle, to enjoy the strong black and white composition of the key black plate.

Cream printed proof on the drying rack

It's always a journey, but I think we are now approaching the edition proof!


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