Monday, June 1, 2009

Linocut book in process

I liked making the Belize book so much, that I decided to do another one using linocut instead of etching.

The squares are 4x4, which makes it much easier for linocut. The source photos were from a shoot that I was in for an SF Zero game in 2007.

The idea behind the shoot was to create a film noir feel on various San Francisco sites.

The images already had a strong graphic quality to them, which is great for linocut.

Unlike the Goodwill book and the Belize book, this one will not have any text and will just rely on the images to imply a story.

I managed to take a couple of good proofs before the semester ended, but I may still tweak some things.

I'm considering creating a second plate in the fall to add color.

I'll keep you posted ;)


  1. Very interesting project. Graphic books with no text are amazingly powerful ways of communicating a story. I am reminded of one of my favorites; "Die Stadt" by Frans Masereel.

  2. Thanks for informing me about Masereel - I just looked through some of his stuff and it's awesome!


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