Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who's that creature?

So, it's been quiet around here, but I have my reasons! I took spring semester off printmaking to take that microeconomics class (as well as a couple book binding workshops - woohoo!), and then Anthony proposed in June! So, I've been applying lots of creative energy in that direction, which is not all printing-oriented. Of course, I HAD to create a small lino-cut as the "logo" for the wedding. The big question seems to be what that creature is between our names. Take a guess!

Meanwhile, the printmaking semester started up a couple weeks ago and I am already working on edition prints of a new two-plate lino. I look forward to sharing images of the proofs soon!


  1. Congratulations!!!

    And it looks like a whale to me, isn't it?

  2. He-he! you're definitely in the majority with whale... :)

  3. Could be a snail too... now that I look at it some more...

  4. Ah-ha! Yes, it was designed as a snail (partly because the wedding was outdoors, so nature-y), but only a couple people saw the snail first :)


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